UV protection film

  • Against discoloration (by UV light)
  • Transparent / No sight restriction
  • Interior assembly
  • Blocks UV radiation (400-510 nm)
  • Transparent / Amber tinted
  • Interior assembly

UV window film blocks out harmful UV radiation

The rays emitted by the sun can be divided into three categories, i.e.: ‘light’ (visible); ‘infrared rays’ (invisible, but emit heat) and ‘ultraviolet’ (invisible). The human eye cannot see ultraviolet or infrared rays. Nonetheless, these rays are present. The rays are at their fullest strength in the summer when the sun is high in the sky but that is not to say there is no harmful radiation in the winter. UV rays enter your home or office through the windows. Glass does not have a filter to block out UV rays, so they are not reflected and as a result, these harmful rays can damage your furnishings and furniture. The most well-known example of that damage is discolouration. Discolouration occurs because the UV rays come through the windows unfiltered and reach your furnishings and furniture. UV window film does contain such a filter, and will protect your furnishing against discolouration and other damage from the sun’s harmful rays. UV window film stops 99% of the harmful UV rays, which means that your furnishings and furniture will last much longer if UV blocking film is used.

The practical uses of UV blocking film

UV window film is used specifically to protect against discolouration and fading. Not surprisingly, that is the reason why UV window film is very common in the retail industry on the glass in shop windows and display cases. UV blocking film is transparent, so inward visibility is not obstructed – an important feature for shops, obviously. The film lets in all the visible light emitted by the sun, so the room is no darker after the application of UV film. UV blocking film is often used on glass in homes, as well as in shops, to protect the furniture, curtains, floors, etc. Glass can amplify UV rays, which is why you frequently see that curtains and flooring show some fading if they have been exposed to harmful UV radiation (light, infrared and ultraviolet rays) for a long time. Generally speaking, that damage cannot be restored and can cost you a lot of money. You can protect your furnishings and furniture with UV blocking film. Once you have applied the UV protection film to the pane, it will offer immediate protection against UV radiation. Besides offering protection against UV rays, UV protection film will block 6% of the heat from the sun. In other words, UV protection film is a window film with a two-fold effect.

There are two kinds of UV protection film available

UV film is available in two different varieties. The first variety is transparent; its most important purpose is to prevent discolouration caused by ultraviolet radiation. The second variety is translucent with an amber tint. This amber-tinted UV protection film blocks both UV radiation (ultraviolet light) and infrared radiation. Infrared rays are rays that cause discolouration, just like ultraviolet rays do, but infrared rays have a higher wave length than ultraviolet rays. Amber-tinted UV blocking film is common in laboratories, operating theatres, printers and the photography industry. This kind of UV film is used in rooms from which it is essential that UV rays are blocked to a very accurate degree. The transparent kind of UV blocking film offers sufficient protection against discolouration but does not stop infrared rays the way the amber-tinted UV protection film does. Nonetheless, the transparent UV protection film‘s protection against discolouration is adequate for use in homes and offices. However, discolouration can also be caused by visible light, the heat of the sun and the quality of a product’s dye and materials.

UV window film is suitable for all types of plate glass

Transparent UV window film can be applied to the inside of all types of plate glass. By plated glass, we mean: single glazing, double glazing and all grades of Low E glass including triple glazing. UV film does not have a heat control effect, so there is no risk of expansion cracks in the glass. UV blocking film only stops UV rays so it does not alter anything about the heat build-up in the window. Amber-tinted UV window film should not be applied to the inside of Low E glass, because amber-tinted UV film creates a different heat build-up in the window due to its amber/orange colour and that could cause an expansion crack. However, UV blocking film can be applied to the inside of single glazing and normal double glazing. Both kinds of UV film are intended for indoor use, which means that this UV protection film should be applied to the inside of the pane. It is very easy to apply UV film yourself by following the application instructions which we include in your order. We always recommend adding a felt-edged squeegee to your order.

The practical advantages of UV window film

A brief list of the advantages of UV blocking film:
• UV film prevents your furniture and furnishings from fading
• UV window film is transparent and therefore invisible
• It blocks the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun and the moon
• Amber-tinted UV protection film blocks both ultraviolet and infrared radiation
• It is easy to apply yourself

UV window film can be ordered cut-to-size

Thanks to our unique made-to-measure module, it is easy to order UV film in exactly the right size, down to the last millimetre. Enter your window’s measurements to immediately see the price of the UV film. You will know what your UV window film will cost as soon as you have filled in the measurements. You need to measure from one edge of sealant to the opposite edge of sealant; no margin is required. The UV film will be delivered in exactly the size you filled in. You can start applying the UV blocking film immediately after you have received it. Alternatively, you can order one of our standard sizes, of course; go to the list under the tab ‘standard sizes’ to order. From those standard sizes, you can select the size that is the closest match in size to your window. Besides the made-to-measure and standard options, you can buy an entire roll of UV protection film. That option is available under the tab ‘whole roll’. Businesses often choose this option, so they can apply the film for their customers. With the help of our made-to-measure module, we take the work involved in cutting UV protection film to size off your hands and you can save valuable time.

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