Mirror window film creates a one-way view

  • One-way-vision during the day
  • Self-adhesive (adhesive layer)
  • Interior assembly
  • One-way-vision during the day
  • Self-adhesive (adhesive layer)
  • Interior assembly
  • One-way-vision during the day
  • Static (no sticky layer) / Reusable
  • Interior assembly
  • Suitable for Low-E glass
  • Self-adhesive (adhesive layer)
  • Exterior assembly

Mirror window film keeps prying eyes away but allows you to look out

In some rooms in a house or office building, it is preferrable to stop people outside, or in another room, looking inside. For instance, perhaps there is a room in your home that borders on a busy street or a window which requires a degree of privacy, such as a meeting room. You can solve this problem with custom-made products such as curtains or Venetian blinds, but they can be quite expensive. Besides, these kinds of window furnishings stop you from seeing out, perhaps leaving you feeling slightly cut-off and claustrophobic. The answer to this problem is a kind of privacy control film that allows you to see outside but prevents others from seeing in. One way mirror film creates this effect: this kind of film is reflective on the outside of the glass and slightly tinted when viewed from the inside. Mirror window film provides the privacy you want during the day, without blocking your outward views. As well as controlling privacy, mirror window tint has a solar-control effect. The sunlight bounces off this kind of film because of the film’s reflective properties. The infrared rays in sunlight are reflected and as a result the sun cannot heat up the room. This measure can save you money, as you might not need to use an A/C unit. Mirror window tint also offers 99% protection from the harmful UV rays in sunlight. In other words, mirror window film stops your furnishings fading. One way mirror film is a multipurpose solution for your windows.

There is a static variety and a self-adhesive variety of one way mirror film

Our range includes several varieties of one way see through film. We offer a choice of self-adhesive mirror window tint and static mirror window tint. Self-adhesive one way mirror film has a layer of glue and can be regarded as a permanent solution. The static variety mirror window film is intended for temporary use. It can be a practical option for a rented home, where permanent changes to the house are not desirable. Static film is applied in the same way as the self-adhesive variety; however, this one way see through film adheres to the glass by means of a static (i.e. electric) charge. It is easy to remove this variety of film again and it will not leave any glue residue. It is also easy to store static film and use it again later on your pane of glass. You can only use static mirror window film on the inside of the glass because static film is not weather-resistance and can be damaged by external influences. There are indoor and outdoor varieties of this kind of self-adhesive film. The film for indoor use should be applied to the inside of your window. If it is difficult to reach your window from the inside, then you can opt for an outdoor variety. This kind of one way mirror film is specifically designed for fixing to the outside of the glass.

How to apply mirror window film to Low E glass and triple glazing

Mirror window film can be applied to all types of single and double glazing. However, Low E glass is an exception. If you have Low E glass or triple glazing. you must always apply reflective film to the outside of your Low E glass window. By Low E glass, or energy-efficient glass, we mean all grades of Low E including triple glazing. Low E glass has a coating between the glass, so one way mirror film should never be applied to the inside, as the coating and the one way mirror film will counteract each other’s effects. Both the coating and the one way mirror film have a heat-control effect. The coating is not as effective as the one way see through film, so the heat is distributed unevenly between the panes of the Low E glass and could cause an expansion crack in your Low E glass window. An expansion crack is a break or crack in the window pane and it can be expensive to replace the glass. An expansion crack is easily avoided by applying one way see through glass to the outside of the Low E pane. Exterior mirror window film is designed to apply to the outside of windows. One way mirror film can withstand all types of weather. The exterior mirror window film (PP75) has exactly the same effect as the interior variety (PP70), so you can apply mirror window film to the outside of a Low E glass window without any risk. Perhaps you are not sure whether the window contains Low E glass. We have developed a tool specifically for recognising Low E glass with the aid of a smartphone. Open the Low E glass recognition tool here.

The practical advantages of mirror window tint

Here is a brief list of the advantages of mirror window film:

• You can still look outside but people outside cannot see in
• One way mirror film is available in a static and a self-adhesive variety
• Mirror window film will give your home or office a luxurious look
• The reflective film also has a heat-control effect
• Mirror window tint film is easy to apply yourself

Mirror window film can be ordered cut-to-size and in a standard size

Our made-to-measure module makes it easy to order your mirror window film in exactly the right size. We developed this made-to-measure module to take the work off your hands. Simply enter the measurements of your pane of glass into the made-to measure model to one digit after the decimal separator. Once you have filled in the measurements, you will immediately see the price of your one way see through film. The correct way to take your window’s measurements is to measure from the edge of the sealant to the edge of the sealant on the opposite side. You do not need to take any margins into account. Mirror window tint should not be applied over the sealant as one way mirror film will not adhere properly to sealant. We shall start processing your order as soon as possible once we have received it. Your window film will be cut exactly to size and we shall include clear application instructions with your order. In the instructions, we explain, step by step, how to attach the film to the glass. For the best results, we always recommend adding a felt-edged squeegee to your order. A felt-edged squeegee will help you apply the film to the window smoothly and evenly. Alternatively, instead of ordering made-to-measure mirror window tint, you can opt for one of our standard sizes. Our standard roll widths are 60 cm, 92 cm, 122 cm and 152 cm. You can cut the one way mirror window film to size using a snap-off blade. Our standard sizes are listed under the tab ‘standard sizes’.

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