Professional window film application tools

  • Spray bottle to be filled with water and 'To-move'
  • For a better mounting of foil
  • Better fluid distribution
  • Removes paint splatters and dirt
  • Sharp blade / does not damage the glass
  • Includes blade guard
Scalasol® Snap-off Blade
  • Effortless cutting of window film
  • Cutting part retractable
  • Integrated clip for breaking off dull blades
  • 15ML Bottle usable for 5L of water
  • For a better mounting of foil
  • Reduces fluid retention
Scalasol® Squeegee | Felt
  • For effortless application of window film
  • With felt to prevent scratches
  • Rub bubbles off easily
  • Protects your hands/fingers
  • Prevents dust under the window film
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Degreasing and cleaning glass
  • Clean glass without streaks
  • Prepare your glass for foil mounting
  • Window film cleaner
  • Does not affect the window film
  • Maintain your window film without risk
  • Seals edges of exterior window film
  • Prevents corrosion
  • UV resistant, long service life
  • Removes adhesive residue from the glass
  • Remove window film without glue residue
  • Glue Remover + Glass Scraper
  • Suitable for: Anti-burglar window film
  • Suitable for: Safety window film
  • Suitable for: Energy saving window film
  • Ultra strong and resilient
  • Fixes the foil against the glass and the rebate
  • Use it with; Burglary and explosion-resistant foil

Professional-grade window-film application tools for applying film correctly

It is not difficult to apply window film yourself, as long as you use good equipment. We have selected the right tools for you here, as we can draw on many years of experience in applying window film. It is easy to add the tools to your order so you can make an immediate start on applying your glass film with a professional finish. We add clear application instructions to all our orders; they explain how to use the tools. The equipment we have selected are of professional-grade quality and are recommended by professional window film fitters. So, you can be certain that you are using the right window-film application tools to apply your glass film. However, if you have any questions about any of the tools, or their use, please get in touch with us; we would be happy to explain how to use the window-film application equipment.

SCALASOL® TO-MOVE is added to water to make it easier to apply window film

To apply glass film correctly, you need to first mist the glass and window film with water. However, if you only use water, you will soon notice that the strength of the glue will take effect immediately, and the film will cling to the window. As a result, you will find that it is impossible to place the film in the right place on the pane. The answer to this problem is to add a dash of SCALASOL® TO-MOVE to the water. SCALASOL® TO-MOVE temporarily cancels the adhesive effect of the glue layer, making it easier to place the film correctly. In addition, SCALASOL® TO-MOVE will prevent much of the moisture build-up between the glass and the film.

A glass scraper removes paint spatters and dirt from the window

Your pane of glass must be completely free of dirt, paint spatters, sealant residue, etc. You can clean the surface of the glass, leaving it absolutely free of the dirt, by using a glass scraper. A glass scraper has a razor-sharp blade that you can use to remove things like drops of paint from the window with ease. You should first spray the glass with a glass cleaner before you use the glass scraper on the surface to avoid scratching the glass. The glass scraper has a protective cover so that you can cover up the blade when it is not in use.

It is easy to cut your window film to size with a snap-off blade

Thanks to our unique made-to-measure module, you can order your window film cut-to-size, right down to the last millimetre. Alternatively, you can choose to order window film in one of our standard sizes. You can cut the standard-sized window film to size at home or at work with a snap-off blade. A snap-off blade is a straightforward hobby blade that you can use to cut the film. Always use a ruler to keep the incision straight when you cut the window film. If the blade is blunt, you can break it off to create a new blade. Always watch your hands and fingers when cutting film with a snap-off blade.

The practical advantages of professional-grade window-film application equipment

Here is a brief list of the advantages:

• Window-film application tools are specifically designed to improve and ease window film applicatio
• All our tools have been selected based on our own expertise in application
• We only use professional-grade window-film application equipment
• They are easy to use and produce perfect results

Use a spray bottle filled with water and SCALASOL® TO-MOVE

The glass and the window film must be moist before you apply the film. It is best to use water mixed with SCALASOL® TOMOVE. You can mix these two ingredients together in the spray bottle. The spray bottle has a spray nozzle for misting the glass and the window film thoroughly without the film becoming too wet. The handy lock on the nozzle stops it being pressed when you are not using the bottle. The spray bottle is easy to use and simplifies the application of the film considerably. The spray bottle can hold 200 millilitres.

Use a felt-edged squeegee to apply the window film evenly and smoothly to the glass

When you apply window film, both the glass and the film must be misted with water (with the addition of SCALASOL® TO-MOVE). Bubbles will appear due to the moisture between the glass and the film. You can smooth out, or brush away, those pockets of moisture from under the window film with a felt-edged squeegee. The felt-edged squeegee is specifically designed to apply the glass film to the glass evenly and smoothly, leaving no pockets of moisture or air. The squeegee has a strip of felt on the smoothing edge, so that you won’t damage the window film while you smooth it. A felt-edged squeegee is an indispensable piece of window-film application equipment and can be used on all types of window film.

Apply extra pressure with an extra pressure squeegee

An extra pressure squeegee is used to apply even more pressure, which is handy when applying more rigid window films. Our security film, for instance, is a more rigid type of window film. That kind of film is too thick and too rigid to apply with a normal felt-edged squeegee. The extra pressure squeegee is specifically designed to apply more pressure when smoothing or brushing. The additional pressure is necessary to smooth out the moisture between the glass and the window film. The professional-grade extra pressure squeegee is extremely practical for security film, insulating window film and safety window film.

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