Solar film protects against heat and UV rays

In summer, the temperature in certain rooms can be quite high. The heat builds up due to sun beams that can shine without restraint through the windows. Once the heat is inside, it is difficult to cool the room down again. You need to switch on the A/C unit for cool air. The costs of running an A/C unit can easily mount up, particularly nowadays when the summers are growing hotter and hotter. A more affordable solution is to apply solar film to your windows. Sun blocking window film keeps the heat of the sun out because the sun control film reflects the sun beams off the glass. As a result, the heat of the sun has little or no chance of entering the room. Solar film is an investment that increases your enjoyment of your property and has good returns. In other words, applying heat reflective window film is much cheaper and less time-consuming than replacing your window panes and window frames. In addition, you would need to buy awnings or a sunshade. Sun blocking window film is an innovative and economic solution to excessive heat from the sun.

Different varieties of sun blocking window film

You can choose between two different types of sun control film: neutral and mirror heat reflective window film. The neutral kind of sun blocking window film is available in a lightly tinted variety, a medium tinted variety and a dark-tinted variety. The mirror solar film offers three degrees of reflectiveness, ranging from lightly mirrored film to fully mirrored film. The mirror solar films perform best at controlling heat. In fact, the mirrored varieties of solar film can reflect up to 85% of heat, a substantial improvement to your daily living environment. The tinted sun control film performs almost as well as the mirror sun blocking window film; the darkest variety, for instance, reflects 75% of the heat. The largest difference between these two kinds of heat reflective window film is the architectural aspect; in some situations, a darker tint is chosen to give the house or office a luxurious look. A mirror heat reflective window film has two uses: it reflects the heat from the sun and it creates privacy. As a result, the sun control film has a two-fold effect and can be used for two purposes. We sell both self-adhesive heat reflective window film and static sun blocking window film.

Self-adhesive and static sun control film

Self-adhesive heat reflective window film is applied to the glass by means of a sticky surface, which is ideal for permanent use. However, if you only want to use heat reflective window film on your window, then you can choose to use static heat reflective window film. This kind of solar film is attached to the glass by means of a static – i.e. electric – charge. You could, for instance, apply static sun blocking window film in the summer months and remove it from your window and store it again in the winter. Please remember that you can only use static sun control film on the inside of the glass, and can therefore only apply it to single and double glazing. If you have Low E glass, you cannot apply static sun blocking window film to the inside. In the case of Low E glass, you can only apply heat reflective window film to the outside of the window. Please choose a self-adhesive sun control film that is suitable for outdoor use. These varieties are recognisable by the ‘exterior’ symbol on the product image. Both the static and the self-adhesive sun control film have a pleasant way of controlling heat.

Heat reflective window film is suitable for all types of plate glass

Heat reflective window film can be applied to all types of plate glass. By plate glass, we mean varieties of glass without a raised structure. Glass varieties with relief (i.e. a raised structure) are, for instance, patterned glass and wire-reinforced glass. Those types of glass do not have a smooth surface, so you cannot apply sun blocking window film to it. Plate glass can be single glazing or double glazing. There are two ways to apply heat reflective window film to your window. You can choose between applying sun control film to the inside or the outside of the window. You should always apply heat reflective window film to the outside if you have any grade of Low E glass, including triple glazing. Low E glass is coated with a metal finish which does not combine well with solar film. In fact, it can often cause an expansion crack in the Low E glass. An expansion crack is a break in the glass that runs the full length of the window. If you have either single glazing or normal double glazing, you can use sun blocking window film on the inside of the window without risking an expansion crack.

The practical advantages of solar film

Here is a brief list of the advantages of sun control film:

• Heat reflective window film creates a pleasant indoor climate;
• There is less heat from the sun in your home or office;
• Sun blocking window film cuts expensive costs for running an A/C unit;
• It prevents your furniture and furnishings from fading due to harmful UV radiation;
• It is easy to apply yourself

Order solar film cut-to-size

You can order solar film cut to the exact size in our web shop. Use our unique made-to-measure module to order. The made-to-measure module is available on the product page, under the tab ‘made-to-measure’. You can enter the exact measurements of your window, down to the last millimetre. You need to measure from one edge of sealant to the opposite edge of sealant. Once you have filled in the measurements, you will immediately see the price of your sun control film. As soon as you have placed your order, we will get to work to process the window film according to your measurements and as soon your order has been delivered, you can start applying the heat reflective window film. Our solar film always contains clear, step-by-step application instructions explaining how to apply the heat reflective film. A felt-edged squeegee is an essential piece of equipment which will help you apply your window film absolutely perfectly. Use this squeegee to smooth out pockets of air and moisture from under the film. You will notice the difference to your indoor climate as soon as you have applied the heat reflective window film.

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