Blackout film

  • Blocks 90% (day) light
  • Inside Black / Outside Black
  • Static (no sticky layer) / Reusable
  • Blocks 100% (day) light
  • Inside Black / Outside Black
  • Interior assembly
  • Blocks 95% (day) light
  • Inside White / Outside White
  • Interior assembly
  • Blocks 100% (day) light
  • Inside Black / Outside Mirror
  • Exterior assembly
  • Blocks 100% (day) light
  • Inside Black / Outside White
  • Exterior assembly

Blackout film blocks light and visibility

In some cases, it is preferable to block out all light from certain rooms, and to make them dark. One solution is to instal blackout curtains or blinds. However, the disadvantage is that they never stop 100% of the light and a small beam of light will always its way through, along the edge or along the curtain rail, for instance. Moreover, curtains are not a good solution for asymmetrical windows because the shape of the pane is difficult to work with. By contrast, window darkening film can be used to completely darken a room and is suitable for every kind of window, whatever the shape. Window light blocking film, as well as stopping light getting through, also stops people outside from looking in. In other words, this kind of window light blocking film has a two-fold purpose. Blackout window tint is the perfect answer in rooms that you want to be completely dark, such as bedrooms, photographic studios, laboratories or dormitories in day-care centres. Once you have applied window darkening film, you will immediately experience the result of a fully darkened room. Light and visibility are blocked.

The various uses of blackout window tint

Blackout film has many uses; the most common use for blackout window tint is darkening a bedroom (blackout). Often, bedrooms are not completely dark in the evening or at night, due to things like street lights too close to the house or the lights in a nearby building. It can drastically disturb your sleep and potentially has a large impact on you: stress, poor concentration, etc. The solution is to apply blackout film. This type of window film blocks 100% of all light, which makes it ideally suited for bedrooms. Window darkening film is common in photographic studios and film studios where outside light is not wanted, as light or daylight can have a devastating effect on the studio’s light quality. The same applies to rooms in which light, particularly UV rays, can cause disruptions, like in laboratories and some parts of the food industry where blackout film has been found to be an extremely suitable solution for keeping out light, especially UV rays. Blackout window tint is also used to completely block visibility into certain rooms such as in a shed door or an attic window for instance, where you want to cover the whole pane of glass to stop inward and outward visibility.

Window light blocking tint is available in a range of variations

Different types of blackout window tint are available on the market. There are variations in window light blocking film in colour, composition and inside and outside appearance. Window light blocking film always consists of two or three layers. Window darkening film‘s structure of several layers creates a full blackout effect. You can choose from an ‘indoor’ variety or an ‘outdoor’ variety. The ‘indoor’ blackout window tint should always be applied to the inside of the pane; it can be used on every kind of plate glass. However, Low E glass is an exception. If you have any grade of Low E glass, including triple glazing, you must always apply blackout film to the outside of the window. You can opt for an ‘outdoor’ variety of window light blocking film for those windows. The ‘indoor’ version of blackout window tint is available in blackout black and blackout white. This type of film is the same colour on both visible sides. ‘Outdoor’ window light blocking film comes in a number of varieties in which the two sides you can see may have different colours. For instance, XBPK window darkening film is black when viewed from the inside, and mirrors when seen from outside. You can choose a colour combination that you find best matches the architectural structure.

Blackout film on Low E glass

All grades of Low E glass including triple glazing require special consideration before blackout window tint is applied: UV window film should never be applied to the inside of Low E glass. The reason for this is that blackout window tint produces heat which does not combine well with the metal coating between the panes of Low E glass. The effect of the metal coating differs from the effect of the window light blocking film so the two layers counteract each other’s effectiveness which can cause an expansion crack in the Low E glass pane. If you have Low E glass, you must always apply window light blocking film to the outside of a window. You can opt for an ‘outdoor’ variety of window darkening film for those windows as that particular kind of blackout film is specifically designed for outdoor use. If window light blocking film is used on the outside of a window, sunlight cannot reach the metal coating in the Low E glass. In that situation, there is no risk of an expansion crack and you can apply window light blocking film to the outside of your Low E glass window without a worry.

The practical advantages of blackout film

Here is a brief list of the advantages of blackout window tint:
• Window light blocking film darkens a room completely
• Window darkening film fully blocks out light and visibility
• There are many different uses for blackout window tint
• Window darkening film is available as an ‘indoor’ version and an ‘outdoor’ version
• It is easy to apply yourself using a felt-edged squeegee

It is easy to order your window darkening film cut-to-size

Use our unique made-to-measure module to order your window darkening film in exactly the right size. You can enter the exact measurements of your window, down to the last millimetre. You need to measure your window from sealant edge to the opposite sealant edge. We will deliver your window light blocking film in the precise size you filled in. As soon as you have placed your order, we will immediately get to work to process the blackout film according to your measurements. You can apply the film immediately once you have it at home, without needing to cut it to size first. If you prefer to order a standard size, don’t forget, we also have a range of sizes too. Our standard sizes are listed in the tab ‘standard sizes’. You will find different standard sizes there. It is not difficult to apply window film yourself. Your order will always contain clear application instructions explaining how to apply the window darkening film to the pane step by step. To make it easier to apply the film, we always recommend adding a felt-edged squeegee to your order. The squeegee makes it much easier to smooth out pockets of air and moisture from under the film.

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