SCALASOL® sells every kind of window film

At, you can choose from a wide range of glass films, varying from the practical to the decorative. We only sell professional-grade window film, so we can guarantee that all our glass film is absolutely top quality. Thanks to our unique made-to-measure module, you can order glass film cut-to-size. Alternatively, you can choose a standard size or buy a whole roll. We have many years of experience in the window film industry, so we are fully qualified to give you professional advice. You can get in touch with us either in a chat or by email. We would be happy to answer all your questions about window film.

Protection against the sun with solar control film

Solar control film is the answer to excessive of heat from the sun. Solar control film is specifically designed to deflect sunbeams off the glass. As the sunlight is deflected, its rays do not have a chance to heat up your home or office. You will notice the difference immediately after you have applied solar control film and you will be able to enjoy a much pleasanter indoor climate. SCALASOL® has four types of solar control film, i.e.: reflective solar control film, tinted solar control film, static solar control film and solar control film for polycarbonate (plastic). There is always a solar control film available that is suitable for your type of glass and that matches what you want.

Stop your furniture from fading with UV control glass film

Harmful UV radiation can damage your furnishings and your furniture. Often, it fades your furniture or leave patches of discolouration on your floor. This fault can be avoided if you protect your valuable belongings with UV control window film. This kind of glass film is transparent, crystal-clear in fact, and offers 99% protection against UV rays. As a result, harmful UV rays do not have a chance to enter your home or office. UV control glass film is often used for shop windows and in museums too. We sell amber-tinted UV control glass film as well as UV control window foil. This kind of film keeps out infrared rays as well as UV rays. This kind of UV is often used in laboratories and photo studios.

It’s easy to create more privacy with privacy control window film

In some cases, it is preferrable to block inward visibility. That’s why privacy control window foil is popular, particularly in bathrooms and WCs. Privacy foil is an effective solution for unwanted gazes. SCALASOL® sells four types of privacy film: mirror film, sandblast film, white frosted window film and static film. Every kind of window foil has its own particular properties. Sandblast film and white frosted window foil obstruct inward and outward visibility, from inside and from outside. If you want to be able to see out but stop people looking in, you should go for a reflective privacy control film. Most sorts of privacy films are available in a self-adhesive version and a static version.

The practical advantages of window foil

Here is a brief list of the advantages of glass film:

• Solar control film creates a pleasant indoor climate
• UV control window foil stops your furniture and furnishings from fading
• Privacy control film stops people outside looking in
• You can give your home a new look with decorative window film
• Anti theft window film turns your window into safety glass
• Met isolerende folie verhoogd u de isolatiewaarde van uw woning
• Verduisterende folie houdt (dag)licht 100% tegen

Brighten up your home with decorative film

Decorative film covers a wide range of films because decorative film has several features. When we talk about decorative film, we mean decorative window film, leaded-glass glass film, furniture film, coloured window film and window foil that you have designed yourself. These decorative glass films are frequently used to create more privacy while brightening up the home with an attractive pattern. However, we also have several kinds of furniture film, ranging from a marble look to a wood look, for your home decor. Stick this glass foil on your furniture to give it a new look and feel. Coloured window film is often used for architectural purposes.

Safety film offers protection

Safety film is a cover name for anti shatter glass film, anti scratch film, anti graffiti film and anti theft film. All these different sorts of safety film have their own properties and uses, because they all have varying thicknesses (measured in microns). Anti shatter window foil is specifically designed to prevent the glass breaking. The film holds the glass splinters together, reducing the chances of cuts caused by the broken glass as far as possible. The anti theft window foil turns your window into a protective shield. The film’s thickness is 198 microns, making it very difficult for any burglar to smash through it.

Insulating window film raises the insulating value of your window

The insulating value of single glazing is extremely low. Single glazing consists of one layer of glass, so heat can escape very easily through it. As a result, the costs for heating your home and your electricity costs can be a real financial burden. The outlay to replace single glazing with double glazing is very high. A more affordable answer to this problem is to use insulating window film: you can upgrade the insulating value of your single glazing using insulation film. This kind of glass film will prevent heat escaping outwards through the glass and keeping most of it inside, which will reduce your energy bills considerably.

Blackout film shuts out 100% of light from your bedroom

Nothing is more annoying than a lack of sleep due to too much light in your room: it almost guarantees broken nights. Blackout window film shuts out 100% of light from your room. Blackout window foil consists of several layers that block out 100% of the light. You can apply blackout film to single glazing and to normal double glazing. If you have Low E glass, you should apply blackout film to the outside of the pane. Low E glass is recognisable by the ‘exterior’ symbol on the product image. Blackout film works immediately once it is applied to your windows. This type of film is frequently used in photographic studios too.

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