Security film

  • Class + | Well secured
  • Transparent / No sight restriction
  • Interior assembly
  • Class ++ | Privacy/burglary protection
  • Fully mirrored
  • Interior assembly
  • Class +++ | Extremely secured
  • Transparent / No sight restriction
  • Interior assembly

Security film protects against break-ins

A burglary at your home or office can drastically affect your sense of safety and privacy. A burglar or unauthorised person entering your safe environment can have a profound impact on you and can continue to trouble you for a long time. In other words, a break-in does not only cause financial damage, it can be very harmful in emotional terms too. Victims tend to worry about it and experience more stress. Unfortunately, thieves are growing smarter and smarter, so burglaries are successful more frequently. Although you can fix security-grade hinges and locks on your doors, they are not enough to secure your windows. A thief can still break the glass by throwing a brick through it or smashing it with a crowbar. The answer to this problem is security film. Glass security film ensures that the glass is held together even when it is smashed, and because the glass stays in one piece, the intruder cannot create a hole in it and his or her entry is obstructed. Security film slows down a thief’s attempt to get inside. The average break-in only takes 5 minutes. Thanks to glass security film, a burglar might be noticed sooner and be forced to break off his or her attempt at burglary.

Glass security film has official MPA-NRW certification

SCALASOL®’s security film has been extensively tested and has been awarded certification by the MPA-NRW test centre in the German province of North Rhine-Westphalia. Our glass security film has been thoroughly tested on various essential aspects, so we can guarantee the quality of our anti smash window film. Our glass security film has category 2(B)2 certification. Category 2(B)2 was the result of the EN12600 testing method. The EN12600 classification system involves a pane of glass being clamped into a frame while a weight is slung at it from different heights. The test was conducted on single glazing. The impact on the glass, which is covered with the security film, is determined by the different heights of the pendulum. The glass breakage is categorised and awarded 2(B)2 certification based on the results of this EN12600 test. Glass security film ensures that the glass is held together even when broken. This test was carried out on our +Class (198 microns) anti smash window film. The test report is available on our glass security film product page. Anti smash window film is a proven precaution that substantially reinforces glass and creates a ‘shield’ over the glass, consequently slowing down any attempts of forced entry. As a result, burglars are more inclined to give up and break off their burglary attempt.

There are three different kinds of security film

Security film can be divided into three categories: +Class, ++Class and +++Class. The difference between the three categories lies in the thickness (measured in microns) of the glass security film. The thickest version is +++Class, an anti smash window film with a thickness of 323 microns. This kind of anti-theft window film protects your windows exceptionally well; in fact, this anti theft window film is often used on windows in jewellery shops and other expensive stores. The film is applied to the inside of the pane, so the anti smash window film cannot be meddled with by unauthorised persons. Anti smash window glass is transparent and does not obstruct inward visibility. The thickness of the anti theft window film creates a tough shield on the surface of the glass, which makes it very hard to penetrate. A reflective kind of security film is available in addition to the varieties of transparent film. This reflective anti smash window film is classified as ++Class. This anti theft window film (258 microns) will not only protect against break-ins, it reflects sunlight and creates privacy, so it is often used in rooms where privacy is preferrable. Its sun-control effect is created by the film’s reflective properties. The thinnest glass security film is +Class. This film has a thickness of 198 microns. This film is suitable for home and office use. The film’s protective effect is sufficient to drastically slow down a forced entry attempt.

Anti theft window film can be applied to all types of plate glass

Security film is a rigid type of film, which means it can only be used on plate glass. Plate glass can be: single glazing, double glazing and Low E glass. Anti smash window film cannot be shaped around patterned glass or wire-reinforced glass. The uneven underlying surface does not allow the anti theft window film to adhere properly to the pane of glass and will lose its adhesive strength. Accordingly, this variety of film should always be applied to the inside of plate glass. This film, with the exception of ++Class glass security film, can be applied to Low E glass. The reflective variety, ++Class, should not be applied to the inside of Low E glass due to the risk of an expansion crack occurring in your Low E glass. You can attach the anti smash window film yourself if you follow our application instructions. In the application instructions, we explain, step by step, how to attach the anti theft window film. We always recommend adding a weighted squeegee to your order. A weighted squeegee will make it much easier to apply the film and produces a smooth result without any pockets of air or moisture being trapped under the film.

The practical advantages of anti smash window film

Here is a brief list of the advantages of anti theft window film:
• Anti theft window film turns your window into safety glass
• It slows down entry through the broken pane into the premises
• Anti smash window glass is transparent and invisible
• It has been awarded official certification
• It is easy to apply yourself using an extra pressure squeegee

It is easy to order your security film cut-to-size

It is easy to order security film cut-to-size with our unique made-to-measure module. Our made-to-measure module is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible to order window film. The made-to-measure module is available on the product page, under the tab ‘made-to-measure’. You can enter the exact measurements of your window, down to the last millimetre. You need to measure from one edge of sealant to the opposite edge of sealant. You do not need to take extra margins into account when you enter the measurements into the module. We will deliver the anti smash window film cut precisely to the right size. Once you have filled in the measurements, you will immediately see the price of your glass security film. We also have standard sizes available if you prefer to order one of our standard sizes. Our standard sizes are listed under the tab ‘standard sizes’. If you used the made-to-measure module, you can start work on applying your anti theft window film as soon as your order arrives. We always recommend adding a weighted squeegee to your order. A weighted squeegee simplifies the application of security film considerably because you can apply plenty of pressure with a weighted squeegee.

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