Energy saving window film

  • Reduces heat transmission
  • Improves glass insulation
  • Interior assembly
  • Create the effect of E-low glass (still air)
  • Easy mounting with velcro
  • Crystal clear plastic material
  • 33% Heat loss reduction
  • U-value: 4.27 / IR-Reflection
  • Interior assembly

Insulating window film raises the insulating value of your window

Many homes and office buildings still have single glazing, or float glass, as it is sometimes called. Single glazing is well-known for its high degree of translucency. Single glazing dates back to 1959 and was commonly used throughout the following decade. As a result, many houses from the sixties still have single glazing. These homes still have their original features, but that style also unfortunately has plenty of disadvantages too, the largest being the low insulating value of single glazing. The insulating value refers to the degree of insulation the glass affords between inside and outside the building. The insulating value of glass is expressed in U-values. The lower the U-value, the better the insulating capacity the glass has. For example, the U-value of triple glazing varies between 0.4 and 0.9 while the U-value of single glazing is 5.8, a significant difference in insulating values between the two types of window. Single glazing consists of one layer of glass, which consequently allows heat to escape from your home through the glass. As a result, you need to turn up the heating to keep your home warm, automatically raising your energy bills and harming the environment.

Thermal window film reduces the U-value of your single pane glass

If you apply insulating window film to single glazing, you reduce the pane’s U-value. It means that the insulating value increases and you can create a pleasanter indoor climate in your home or office, as heat retention improves and warmth disappears less quickly through the single glazing. The heat transmittance is reduced by the thermal window film applied to the inside of the glass. Thermal window film is transparent, so it is not visible on the glass once the winter window film has been attached, so winter window film will not impair the look and feel of your single panes. Another advantage is that winter window film can be used on windows in listed and historic buildings. Thermal window film is a much more affordable solution than replacing your glass and window frames but still improves your indoor climate. In addition, you need to repaint the frames if you replace the windows. Those additional costs do not arise if you adhere winter window film to your single glazing. As well as having an insulating effect, thermal window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, which means that this window film stops your furnishings and furniture fading due to harmful UV rays. In other words this thermal window film has a two-fold effect.

Three different varieties of winter window film are available

Three different kinds of thermal window film are available. SCALASOL®’s insulating window films are divided into three varieties. Type 1 (EC100) works by thickening the glass. Type 2 (EC250) and Type 3 (EC750) are reflective insulating window films. Types EC250 and EC750 work by deflecting IR (infrared heat deflection). This thermal window film has a two-fold effect, as it also blocks heat in the summer. The mirror side reflects the sun’s rays, allowing the sunshine no chance of entering the room and heating it to an unpleasant temperature. Reflective thermal window film is slightly tinted when viewed from the inside, and mirrors when seen from outside. Type 1 (EC100) is a transparent winter window film. This thermal window film is not visible on the pane, making this insulating window film (EC100) suitable for use in historic and listed buildings. If you have layered glass or double glazing, but you want to create a better insulating value, we recommend types 2 or 3. We advise type 1 for single glazing.

Insulating window film has ecological benefits

Insulating window film has a positive effect on the climate, because you need less energy and as a consequence, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. In effect, your ecological footprint improves if you apply insulating window film to your single glazing. In the winter, you can turn down your central heating because less heat escapes through the glass and in the summer you have less need of the A/C unit because the cooler air does not disappear outside as quickly. You can turn down the central heating and save on your energy bills, making a return on your investment in your insulating window film. Insulating window film is an investment in a better indoor climate and will increase your enjoyment of your property while making a positive contribution to the environment. Subsidies are available for historic and listed buildings that are not designated for residential purposes, such as churches and windmills. Please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about this option. Thermal window film is not visible on the glass.

The practical advantages of insulating window film

Here is a brief list of the advantages of insulating window film:
• Thermal window film reduces the U-value of your single glazing
• Thermal window film improves the insulating value of your house
• The indoor climate will be pleasanter once you have applied insulating film
• Insulating window film is transparent and invisible on the pane
• It is easy to apply yourself using an extra pressure squeegee

It is easy to order your thermal window film cut-to-size

It is easy to order your winter window film cut-to-size. Use our unique made-to-measure module to order. The made-to-measure module is available on the product page, under the tab ‘made-to-measure’. You can enter the exact measurements of your window, down to the last millimetre. It is best to measure from one edge of sealant to the opposite edge of sealant. You do not need to enter an extra margin. Once you have filled in the measurements, you will immediately see the price of your insulating window film. Of course, you can always buy one of the standard sizes of film. Our standard sizes are listed under the tab ‘standard sizes’. Once you have placed your order – cut-to-size – we will cut the film exactly in the measurements you want. You do not need to do anything to the window film once it has been delivered; you can start applying the insulating film immediately. We always recommend adding a weighted squeegee to your order. A weighted squeegee will make it much easier to apply the film and produces a smooth result. Your order will always contain clear, step-by-step application instructions explaining how to apply the insulating film.

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