Scalasol® Anti-burglary Window Film | QS12 | Transparent
Anti-burglary Window Film | QS12 | Transparent

Anti-burglary Window Film | QS12 | Transparent

  • Class +++ | Extremely secured
  • Transparent / No sight restriction
  • Interior assembly
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  • High quality window film
  • 14 days reflection period
  • Delivery time 3-5 working days
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Product description

Security film turns your window into safety glass

When a pane of glass or a window is broken, a hole is created through which burglars can gain entry to the interior of your premises. It only takes them a few seconds and, more often than not, goes unnoticed by passers-by. It means that, unfortunately, thieves can all too often gain access to your valuable belongings. Anti theft window film will slow down a burglar’s actions enough to force him to give up his attempt and increase the chances of his being discovered by passers-by. Anti theft window glass holds the glass together like a shield, as it were, making it very difficult to actually penetrate the window and, as a result, considerably hindering access to the inside of the building. The film is officially classified in the P2A DIN EN 356 class; this certification is issued by the testing laboratory for safety glass at MPA-NRW. The official certification for the glass security film can be found at the bottom of this page. Protect your valuable belongings with QS12 security film.

Glass security film | +++Class

Our anti-theft window films are divided into 3 different security categories: +Class, ++Class & +++Class, of which +++Class film offers the best protection. The differences between the three categories lies in the thickness (microns) of the glass security film. +++Class has a thickness of 323 microns, which puts it top of its class in terms of security. It is a window film that offers extremely good protection. This class of security film is commonly used by businesses with valuable equipment and by jewellers. This kind of security film has an extremely good delaying effect to deter burglars. This glass security film is transparent and consequently does not change the visibility or amount of daylight, either from inside or outside. The film does not alter the architectural features of a building, so this anti theft window film can be used in historic or listed buildings without a problem. Another advantage is that this film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, so it will stop your furnishings and furniture from fading. QS12 security film should always be applied to the inside of the pane of glass.

The practical advantages of security film QS12

Here is a brief list of the advantages:
• QS12 security film has official certification from the MPA-NRW agency in Germany
• It is not visible on the glass, because QS12 glass security film is transparent
• It has an anti-burglary effect, and can prevent a burglary or slow it down considerably
• The glass holds together when broken, so there is no danger of the shards breaking loose
• Anti theft window film QS12 is easy to apply yourself

Order anti theft window film QS12 cut-to-size, in a standard size or as a whole roll

Thanks to our unique made-to-measure module, you can order QS12 glass security film cut-to-size. You will find that option under the tab ‘made-to-measure’. You can order QS12 to your exact measurements, down to the last millimetre. However, if you prefer to order QS12 in a standard size, you will find the options under the tab ‘standard sizes’. If you are working on a large project and would like to order a whole role of QS12, go to the tab ‘whole roll’. The tabs are on this product page.

How to apply window film

Security film is easy to apply yourself with the aid of our special tools. A weighted squeegee is an essential piece of equipment which will help you apply your window film absolutely perfectly. We recommend using a weighted squeegee so you can apply extra pressure to the glass, which is needed due to the rigidness of the film. Glass security film is applied to the inside of a window. It can be used on all kinds of plate glass (and on all grades of Low E glass including triple glazing). Our window film always comes with clear application instructions which explain, in a step-by-step plan, how to apply the anti theft film. Please note: This kind of film cannot be applied to structured glass such as patterned glass and wire-reinforced glass.

Window sealing using structural sealant

The security film must be applied over the entire glass pane (including between the rebate). If this is not possible, you can use the following special structural sealant: DOWSIL™ 995 Sealing Sealant | Black | High impact. This structural sealant ensures that the window does not come loose from the frame during a burglary attempt. The structural sealant works as a seal between the glass and the frame. This method of sealing helps prevent the glass (in combination with security film) from coming loose from the frame in the event of a high impact. The structural sealant must be applied to the inside (window film side) of the glass (indoor). DOWSIL™ 995 structural sealant has a very high tensile strength and is therefore ideal for absorbing impact energy such as that released by; explosions, extreme weather conditions, vandalism & burglary attempts.

* Security film is an additional protective measure against burglaries and may slow down a burglary. SCALASOL® cannot be held liable for any successful burglary and any damage or costs arising from it.

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  Warranty conditions:
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